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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

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Partnership Firm Since 2004

Veda’ experienced team of Lawyers, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Fire and safety engineers, industrial and software engineers with multi-disciplinary expertise and industry experience will carry out a comprehensive and a rigorous study of a company’s operations to determine statutory compliances and risks involved due to non-compliance and contracts execution.
Our services enhance an organisation’s capability to identify, evaluate and analyse legal compliances related to the business activities from the standpoint of law and risk management.

Products :

Legal Compliance Management Service Legal Compliance Management (LCM) Services can be broadly categorised as falling into two heads. • Statutory and Regulatory Compliance Management. • Contractual risk Management Veda undertakes Legal Compliance Management through internally developed tools to enable a company to have comprehensive risk management and risk mitigation measures. Statutory and Regulatory Compliance Management:- Curative Services through Gap Analysis:- Veda does a comprehensive Assessment of Compliance Status at different locations of the company through in depth inspection of the documents and detailed interaction with managers and provides comprehensive reports on status of the compliance vis-ŕ-vis non-compliances and business impact of such non-compliances. Preventive Services through System Design and Documentation:- Since compliance is a continuous process, implementing a robust system is a more permanent and reliable solution. Therefore, Veda will carry out a detailed transactional study of the procedures and general practices being followed to assess the capability of the organisation to meet its statutory obligations and reduce risks. Based on the study, Veda will work along with the client’s management and business managers in creating a Compliance Policy, designing and implementing systems and management control and review mechanisms to the desired level of systems. Documentation and Record Management:- Veda will undertake to file various Returns, on behalf of the company to the concerned authority as and when required. Veda will also undertake to liaison with various statutory and other government authorities for seeking various approvals, permissions, Licences on behalf of the management. Coverage of laws:- The sheer volume of about 1, 200 laws covering both Central and State rules and local legislations that govern commerce and industry in India add to the complexity of the problem. Veda has, over a period of about 5 years, researched and mapped legislations, court judgements and industry practices. Veda will assess compliance in the following major areas:-  Environment and Pollution  Contracts & Agreements  Labour & Contract Employees  Companies Law  Personnel Policies & Compensation  Assets, Property & Lease  Regulatory and Licenses  Health and Safety  Intellectual Property  Taxation Issues  Debt and Fund Management  Industry specific laws Corrective Measures:- Veda will also recommend and assist managers in implementing corrective measures for present violations, if any. The recommendations may vary from simple measures such as language change in an invoice or contract to complex solutions such as changes in the operations or the Company’s Articles and Memorandum of Association. Training:- Veda will train customer’s executives and managers on various aspects of the compliance management systems, including individual responsibilities. Routine Legal Compliance Review:- Veda will monitor and Implement routine compliance and systems on a regular basis. The frequency can be either monthly / quarterly / half-yearly or annually and the scope of these reviews is structured to meet a company’s needs. Veda will provide a constant updation on the legal position and statutory related procedures from time to time. Other Value added Services:- Legal due diligence Audit, Independent Safety Audit, Independent Contract Labour Audit.

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No.545, Cross Cut Road,
Coimbatore - 641012 (Tamil Nadu) India

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