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Kapur Scientific Traders


Kapur Scientific Traders

Kapur Scientific Traders

Ambala cantt, Haryana, India

Services Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1961

We take the opportunity to introduce our selves as leading manufacturer and supplier of scientific & educational equipments Since 1961. Now, we have been also doing the export since five years. Our main products are in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electrical and Electronics under the trade mark of "KAPUR". We have regular export in many countries. Our company is fully managed by highly qualified experienced team. We are having the very sincere and excellent dealing with exporters. We hope your co-operation in this field, will give us inspiration to touch new heights of success. Thanking you and assuring you our best of services for all the times.

P.S: - We deliver the highest possible quality,

At the lowest possible rates.

Products :

PHYSICS 1. PHYSICS AND ALLIED PRODUCTS (General) Slotted Masses Micrometer Vernier Microscope Spherometer Spring Balance Vernier Caliper Seprate Cubes & Metal Plates SOUND Spectrometer Lens Set Optical Bench Newton's Colour Disc Telescope Sodium Vapour Lamp Prisms Newton Ring Apparatus MECHANICS Electric Tuning Fork Slinky Resonance Set Tuning Forks Sonometer Ripple Tank MEASUREMENTS Linear Air Track Dynamic Trolleys Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus Inclined Plane Falling Bodies Apparatus Force Table LIGHT Sectional Model of Steam Engine Linear Expansion Apparatus Ring Ball Bar & Gauge Steam Engine Working 4-Stroke Petrol Engine Bar Breaking Apparatus HEAT Spouting Cylinder Capillary Tubes Apparatus Bramah Press Equality of Pressure in Liquids Fluid Pressure App Liquid Level Apparatus Pascal's Law Apparatus Alnico Bar Magnet Steel Horseshoe Magnets Motor Ceremic Magnet Force on a Conductor Balance Dip Needle Compasses Floating Magnets MAGNETISM AND ELECTROMAGNETISM Van-de-graff's Generator Electroscope Pith Ball Demonstration Transformer Wimshurst Machine Electroscope Friction Rods GlassEbonite Electrophorus Conductors Proof Plane Dischargers ELECTROSTATICS Photo Electric Cell Unit N-P-N Transistor Unit P-N-P Transistor Unit Osciollioscope Dual Trace Diode Valve Mounted Triode Valve Mounted Power Supply CURRENT ELECTRICITY Tapping Key Induction Coil Voltmeter Copper Voltmeter Post Office Box or Wheatstone Bridge Copper Wire, Bare Manganin Wire, Bare Flexible LeadsELECTRIC BELLS, DEMONSTRATION MODELS Rheostat (Protective) Rheostat Demonstration Meter Interscale Electric Motor Kit Demonstration Dynamo Flash Lamp Bulbs Lamp Holders VACUUM APPARATUS Geissler's Tube Mechanical Effect Rectilinear Propagation Spectrum Tubes X-Ray Tube Roentgen Molecular Movement Tube Magnetic Effect Deflection Travelling Microscope Cartesion Driver Apparatus Bucket & Cylinder Pascal's Ball Equilibrim Tube with base Hook's Law Manometer Acrylic Prism Set Glass Bell Jar Spectrometer Student Steel U Magnets Magnets Painted Cathode ray tube with base Planetarium Ticker Tape Timer Plug Key 2 way Force on a conductor Color Mixing Set Electromagnet U Shape Anemometer Oersted's Law Apparatus Pendulum Balls Ray Box Chinostat Sodium Vapour Lamp Ray Box / Color mixing set Gear Wheel Drive Glass Tube Cutter Magnetic Needle with Stand Geometrical Instruments Sets(Black Board) Single Pulley Brass Air / Vacuum Pump for Bell Jar Compass Multi Tap Transformer Gas Tap 2 Way Molecular / Atomic Model Set Wind Wane Electromagnet Sodium Vapour Lamp Prism Glass Block / Slab Newtons Colour Disk Hydraulic / Brahma's Press Demonstration Meter Set of Acrylic Blocks Worcestor Circuit Board Ga Tap Three Way Connecting Leads Function / Signal Generator Bridge Rectifier Pulleys Pulley for Bench PH Meter with Thermometer Micrometer / Screw Gauge Knife Switches

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Kapur Scientific Traders

2759/2-D Timber Market
Ambala Cantt - 133001 (Haryana) India

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